Who We Are

We are experts. Our executive team brings together 40+ years of performance marketing and brand building experience. Since 2005 we have spent every business hour understanding the online market, executing in the launching and scaling of brands, and driving revenue. With every emerging marketing channel there are winners and losers. We pride ourselves on our practitionership.

We are testing, learning, and evolving. We are leaders in the marketplace. We track the consumer. We know the data. We execute the campaigns that win.

We are data driven. We allow the data and not our assumptions to drive our execution. Living in the data empowers our optimization.

We strive to understand our audience at the deepest level possible. Breaching the minds of consumers and reverse engineering content and brands will achieve the highest levels of engagement, and ultimately, success.




Media strategy is our DNA. Since 2005 our founders have launched 100’s of brands from the ground up to be marketed online.


The Stern Group brand platform is built to rapidly develop, test, and accelerate brand growth. Through our “greenlighting formula” we are able to test brand ideas for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional brand development process.


Performance marketing is the heart of branding. Performance based optimization is the solution. Performance branding is live.


Content is king. Innovative content is the core to advertising success.
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