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We are experts. Our executive team brings together 40+ years of performance marketing and brand building experience. Since 2005 we have spent every business hour understanding the online market, executing in the launching and scaling of brands, and driving revenue. With every emerging marketing channel there are winners and losers. We pride ourselves on our practitionership. We are in it. Testing, learning and evolving. We are leaders in the marketplace. We track the consumer. We know the data. We execute the campaigns that win. We are data driven. We allow the data and not our assumptions to drive our execution. Living in the data empowers our optimization. We strive to understand our audience at the deepest level possible, in the minds of consumers to reverse engineer content and brands that will achieve the highest levels of engagement. Ultimately success.

Our Services

We are experts. Our executive team brings together 40+ years of performance marketing and brand building experience.

Media Buying & Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition is our DNA. Since 2005 our founders have launched hundreds of brands from the ground up to be marketed online. We think digital first. We are experts in designing and executing customer acquisition strategies for direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. Our expertise is generating high quality leads, calls, and sales across the top e-Commerce and Lead Generation verticals:
  • CPG
  • Solar and Home Services
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition and wellness
  • Insurance
  • SAAS…we’ve done it all

    We have an instinctual ability to identify blue oceans and the skillset to rapidly and consistently launch the fastest sailing ships in those seas. We can identify the holes in a marketplace and fill those holes with market leading brands. This all starts with a detailed approach to the media strategy and the implementation of an all-encompassing approach to building the user journey and acquiring profitable customers. You have to know the market inside and out and then work backwards to the brand positioning that makes for the best market fit.


Our team is at the forefront of media platforms, technology and innovation. We create lead generation and e-commerce solutions that drive incremental growth for your brand. Through our investment in innovation, we continually push the limits of new audience engagement platforms.

Our goal is to accelerate profitable growth for your brand.

Profitable growth in today’s competitive marketplace doesn’t exist in the classic approaches of Google and Facebook media buying. You must access data. And you must leverage data to unlock incremental growth. We have proven our ability to execute this over and over again. We’re excited to innovate for your brand and take you to the next level in your business.


The Stern Group brand platform is built to rapidly develop, test, and accelerate brand growth. Through our “greenlighting formula” we are able to test brand ideas for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional brand development process. We leverage a process of reverse engineering and dry testing to get brands into the market and gather real world performance data. We measure engagement and place our bet on the brand and creative execution which will have the highest likelihood of success. Our goal is to save time and money, ultimately focusing resources and true investment on the winners. Our system empowers our brands with an edge over the market.

Dollars should be spent on growth. Time should be spent on execution.
Don’t waste your time in focus groups when you can prove it with a real audience in real time.


Performance marketing is the heart of branding. Performance based optimization is the solution. Over the past 15 years brands have engaged with agencies to develop campaigns that painted a pretty picture of their products and services. Brands continue to this day to spend millions of dollars on ads with zero accountability, relying on vanity metrics to make them feel good about “reach”, “viewability”, “visits”, and “impressions”… Terms that don’t tie into business growth at any level. Beautiful powerpoints and Neilson ratings take priority over revenue and profitability.

That model is dead. The internet and the rise of online video and social media has replaced the television. Brands have to wake up or they will be crushed by digital first thinking. Digital first brands are growing at massive scale and stealing market share every day, across every product category. Adapt or perish. The intersection between art and science is now at the core of branding. Brands must adapt to this new world or they will be replaced by the brands that are ALL IN. Brands built for digital are proving that branding on the internet is real. These brands are being launched every day and scaling at extremely fast rates.

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